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Frequently Asked Questions
What type of companies do you work with?


We work with a lot of different companies including full-service agencies, eCommerce brands, and SaaS companies. We have a long list of industries we serve ranging from blockchain to cooking recipes. You can see the industries we serve and reach out to us if you work in an unusual industry.

How do you check for plagiarism?


We take plagiarism very seriously because we understand how damaging it can be to a brand. We check for plagiarism in two different stages before your content is ever delivered to you. 


  1. We utilize the most advanced anti-plagiarism software on the market, which scans every piece of content our writers submit and compares it to millions and millions of pages on the internet to check for duplicate content. 

  2. All writers must sign a plagiarism pledge, pass a rigorous plagiarism test, and prove that they cite sources properly and thoroughly when auditioning to become a writer. Any writer that violates this policy is permanently removed.

Can my writer publish content on my website? 


This feature is available on our Professional plan. On this plan, you have the option to have your writer publish content to your website as a draft or post and you can also communicate with your writer in real-time via Slack. 

What is the turnaround time? 


Our turnaround time is one to three business days, but for a special request like long-form content and articles, your request can take an extra day or two. If the type of content you're requesting is going to take longer, it will state so on the request form.

What is a "Full-Service" plan? 


"Full-service" plans offer your company a way to generate inbound leads while saving tremendous time, by fully-outsourcing your company's content marketing to our agency.

In this scenario, we analyze your business and take on the challenge of managing your blog, fully, in order to drive inbound leads and website traffic your website. 

This includes us performing thorough site analysis, coming up with the best topics, writing the best content, and distributing the content across all your desired publishing channels. 

This plan is great for business owners that want to full outsource their content marketing and great for entrepreneurs who don't want the expense of hiring a full-time, in-house team to manage their company blog.


What is your "Self-Service" Plan? 


Our "Self-Service" plans provide our customers with the ability to quickly request content from highly-vetted, subject-matter experts. Our customers on our self-service plan have the ability to login to a dashboard, request content based on their desires, and have that content delivered to them in 1-3 business days (on average). 

We then hand-assign the best available writer for the job and deliver it back to them saving the customer tremendous time and energy.

Who owns the rights to the content? 


All the content you receive is made from scratch and is 100% unique. Once the content is delivered to you, you will have full legal ownership of the files and can then utilize the content however you please.

What type of content do you create? 


We offer everything from blog articles and whitepapers, to landing pages and social media posts. 


Whatever the type of content you need, there's a good chance we can create it for you. You can view the full list of content services we offer here.  

Where can I read a sample post? 


Our blog consists of content that's only supplied by our writers. You can read through it to see where our content standards are and also learn various strategies on marketing and lead generation.


Here's a link to our blog

What if I'm not happy with the content? 


If you find yourself unhappy with the deliverables, you have three ways you can proceed. You can either request revisions until you feel the articles are satisfactory, you can request a different writer to work with, or you can cancel your plan with us.

If you find yourself unhappy within 14-days of using our service, you can request a refund with no questions asked.

Is the content you produce SEO-optimized? 


Yes, highly! Our writers and editors are trained to deliver you quality, search-engine-optimized content. We do this by using proven SEO techniques and software..

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General Questions
Do you provide research?


Absolutely! Our writers always complete preliminary research before working on your requests. This includes finding statistics and facts to include throughout your content from highly-reputable sources. For each request, our writers are trained to create valuable content that is well-researched.

Can I cancel at any time? Is there a contract? 


Yes! You may cancel your plan at any time. All our plans are month-to-month subscriptions and do not require a contract when you sign up.

Do you work with international clients?


Absolutely! We can pair you up with a writer that can cover almost any area. We've created content for hyper-local and hyper-niche companies and certainly have a large number of international clients. 

How can I get in touch with customer support? 


You can speak with someone from customer support by emailing us at You can also choose to set up a 15-minute-introduction call with us here

In addition, we are normally available via chat between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

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