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Frequently Asked Questions​


Find answers to some of your questions.

How does it work? 


It takes only 30 seconds to sign up for your 14-day risk-free trial of our service. After you sign up, you will receive an email invite to gain access to our dashboard where you will able to request new content at anytime

What type of content do you create? 


Here's a list of the content we create:

  • Blog posts/Articles

  • Newsletters

  • Press Releases

  • Website Content

  • eBook Chapters

  • Product Descriptions

Do you provide research? 


Absolutely! We always complete preliminary researcher on all content that you request. This includes finding statistics and facts to include in all of your content from highly-reputable sources. Our goal is to provide factual content, in your brand's voice, based on evidence.  

How many pieces of content can I request each month? 


In your dashboard, you will be able to request as much content as you want each month. However, that does not mean each piece of content will be completed by the end of the month. Our writers work extremely hard to provide you with great, high-quality content, that is evident and factual. Our turnaround speed is 1-2 business days. 

How long can each piece of content be? 


When completing your article request form via your dashboard you have the option to request content that is 500 words, 1000 words, or 1500 words. It's all up to you!  

How can I provide a content brief? 


Good question! You will be able to provide all the details about the content you need via the request form found on our dashboard. You will be able to include details like:

  • Topic

  • Description

  • Audience

  • Tone

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, person?

  • Example style/article for us to draw inspiration from

  • External links

  • Internal links

  • SEO keywords to include

Do you have a free trial? 


Absolutely, well sorta. In order to sign-up, you will be required to pay upfront for the first month, but if you do not like our service within 14 days, you can contact us to request a full refund.  

How do you control quality? 


Our writers are vetted and required to pass an extensive grammar and writing test. In addition, our writers are trained to only supply polished, proofread word that matches our quality standard. We also have managers(editors) that are constantly reviewing work to ensure that all our content meets our standards.


In addition, we:

  • Offer unlimited revisions should you have issues with the content you receive.

  • Run articles through various measures that include SEO-friendliness, readability, and plagiarism. 

  • Ensure writers that match your brand's style and audience are only tagged to your account, ensuring consistency in tone, voice, and quality.

Do you offer edits/revisions? 


Absolutely! At any time, you will be able to request unlimited amounts of revisions on the content your writer creates. This is part of our quality assurance standards we implement to ensure you are always delivered high-quality content.

Do I own the content you've created? 


100%. We are a content writing service and as soon as you are delivered the final piece of content, you will have full ownership of it and are free to use it however you please. We will not republish, distribute, or recycle the content we've created for you.

How is your service so affordable?


Due to some clever pricing and strategy, we are able to provide you a high-quality content experience from native English-speaking writers. In return, our writers receive consistent work and pay and are able to produce content for multiple clients on topics and industries they enjoy. 

Where are you based? 


We are headquartered in the United States, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Our writers are based all around the world. We ensure though that our writers are fluent speaking and writing in English before ever writing for our customers. Many of our writers have college degrees including PhDs and MBAs.  

We currently only provide content in US and UK English. 

Is there a minimum contract? 


Not at all! You can sign up and cancel your service at any time via our billing portal or by sending a message to your content manager. 


When you initially sign up, if, within 14-days, you can request a full refund backed by our money-back guarantee.

Can I view samples of the content you've created? 


You can view public samples of the work we've completed by visiting our public blog (

Because we're a ghostwriting service, we do not share specific pieces of content we've written for our customers due to intellectual property rights. 

Are your plans really unlimited? 


Whether you want to request 1 or 20 blog articles in a month, the price stays the same. The only limitation is that each of your requests will be completed in the order they were submitted and can take 2-3 days to complete based on the requirements.

Are you able to create a content strategy for my business? 


Of course! This is one of our premium features available only on our Premium plan. If you would like to work with a dedicated content strategist and receive content on auto-pilot feel free to reach out to us regarding our premium services.

Can you create for hyper-local and hyper-niche businesses?


Absolutely! Our network of writers can cover any area. We've written for some of the most unique niches on the internet.

How do you check for plagiarism?


We take plagiarism very seriously because we understand how damaging it can be to a brand. We check for plagiarism in two different stages before your content is ever delivered to you. 


  1. We utilize the most advanced anti-plagiarism software on the market, which scans every piece of content our writers submit and compares it to millions and millions of pages on the internet to check for duplicate content. 

  2. All writers must sign a plagiarism pledge, pass a rigorous plagiarism test, and prove that they cite sources properly and thoroughly when auditioning to become a writer. Any writer that violates this policy is permanently removed. 

How can I get in touch with customer support?


Getting in touch with us is easy! You can reach us via live chat, email us at Also if you'd like to talk to a rep over the phone you can email us asking to set up a 30-minute long phone-discussion.. 

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